Monday, May 26, 2008

Replica Mem Cup Snaps In Half

This was a very awkward few moment as captain Chris Bruton of the Memorial Cup winning Spokane Chiefs snaps the trophy in half while trying to hand it off to his teammate Trevor Glass.

Then comes word that it's actually not the real Memorial Cup but a replica. Seems a little odd not to hand out the real trophy but maybe they foresaw something like this.

You can be sure the NHL would dread something like this happening to the Stanley Cup on American television. They too have a replica but they insist that the one they hand to the players is the real thing.

Why bother to have a replica at all anyways? I've never been more disappointed in my life than when I was told that the Cup I was looking at in the Hall of Fame in Toronto was a carefully reproduced dupe.

Just have the one Cup so no one has to ask the question "Is it the real one?"

Fans visiting the Hall Of Fame will understand if it's out on some promotional tour. Where's the magic in seeing the fake one anyways?
I once saw a Kiss cover band in a dumpy little bar on Bank Street. It wasn't pretty folks. The songs were the same but I kept thinking, "Why does Gene Simmons have a moustache?"

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