Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Return Of The Glowing Puck ... Awww F**k!

Well, they're not calling it a "glowing puck" yet, but executives at Versus (who can't even get their channel on the air in some major markets) have decided that fans can't see the puck and want to make it easier for them.

Marty Ehrlich, executive producer at Versus, has been pushing for a new puck-tracking system with NHL executives. If Versus gets the OK, it would test puck tracking on its studio show before trying it during a game, he says. There would not be any computer chips embedded in pucks, at least at first.

"We're looking to track the evolution of a play," says Ehrlich. While puck tracking is on his "wish list," he admits it's still a "sore subject" with hockey purists. "There's people who looked at it as a great success at Fox. A lot looked at it as a dismal failure." ...

John Shannon, the NHL's senior vice president of programming, says the league's open to another attempt at puck tracking — as long as it doesn't compromise the integrity of the game. "The one thing you have to admire is Fox's ingenuity at the time. It was great promotion for the game," he says.

-USA Today

There are also rumours that Barry Melrose might be taking over as coach in Tampa Bay.
My question is this: When did we enter this time warp and where is the exit?

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