Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tumbling Dice

Of all the hotels in the Detroit metropolitan area, the Dallas Stars have decided to lodge their players at a casino/hotel complex for their first two games in Motor City.

"The casino is a long way away, and our players are very disciplined," Tippett said. "It won't be a factor at all."

So will the blackjack tables be off limits? "Our players can do whatever they want as long as when they drop the puck, they're 100 percent," Tippett said. "

-Dallas Morning News

It's nice to see the Stars treating their players like responsible adults but this has the potential to backfire. Anyone remember Bob Probert and Petr Klima getting suspended by the Red Wings after having a little too much fun during the playoffs in the late 80's?

Yes that was a different era but why even court the slightest hint of controversy?

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