Friday, August 15, 2008


With the exception of Andre Meszaros who is locked in a lengthy contract dispute with Bryan Murray, the roster of the Ottawa Senators seems to be set for the start of training camp next month.

Using a base roster of 20 players (12 forwards, 6 defenseman and 2 goalies) here’s a few facts about the team only including the players who are most likely to make the squad - ie. Brian Lee is included, but Lawrence Nycholat and Brendan Bell are not. Cody Bass is included but forwards such as Josh Hennessy, Jesse Winchester and Ilya Zubov are not. It’s quite possible that one of those players will stick around as an extra forward or defenseman and I’d put my money on Winchester being that guy but that’s for another day.

Nationality Mix

Canada: 12
USA: 2 (Foligno, Lee)
Sweden: 1 (Alfredsson)
Russia: 1 (Volchenkov)
Finland: 1 (Ruutu)
Switzerland: 1 (Gerber)
Germany: 1 (Schubert)
Czech Republic: 1 (Meszaros)


Over 30: 7
Under 30: 13

Over 35: 2 (Alfredsson, McAmmond)
Under 25: 4 (Foligno, Bass,Lee, Meszaros)

Under 20: 0

Salary (Actual, Not Cap Hit)

Over $2 million: 9
Under $1 million: 6

Over $5 million: 4 (Heatley, Spezza, Alfredsson, Fisher)

$10 million: 1 (Heatley)


Returning Players: 17
New Players: 3


MalcP said...

Meszaros is Slovak not Czech.

Jeff said...

you think we have too many forwards... including prospects.

Murray has got to make a move to get his ellusive top 6 forward.