Monday, August 18, 2008

Sens Foligno In "Chaos Theory Training"

Ottawa Senator sophomore Nick Foligno, along with his brother Marcus of the OHL's Sudbury Wolves, are going through some interesting and physically brutal training in their hometown this summer

Nick is looking to make more of an impact as a scorer in Ottawa and Marcus in entering his draft year.

So they're kicking the shit out of themselves to get ready, with help from personal trainer Callen McGibbon.

"I throw stuff at them that most people would walk away from," McGibbon said. "It's ridiculous stuff. They never know what they're getting into on any given day. They don't know what to expect, and that's the point. I'm working them in chaos theory training. Their minds have to learn how to adapt to anything in any game and any situation. ...

Nick was told by Ottawa brass to increase his foot speed during the summer. He took the advice to heart. Nick knows he isn't a rookie anymore, but is in no way going to ease up on his off-season training. He isn't satisfied with what he accomplished last season and wants plenty more.

"I want to be a guy who gets looked upon to go into important situations," Nick said. "I feel I can do it. It's a matter of getting stronger and quicker. I've been doing a lot of legwork this summer to get the quickness to pull away from other players.

- The Sudbury Star

The Senators must be pretty blown away about Nick's work ethic. They ask him to increase his foot speed and he enters "chaos theory training".

Foligno was one of the best Senators in that forgettable first round sweep against Pittsburgh. If he can gain a little more weight, he can be as effective as a Mike Fisher and probably just as popular around Bytown.

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