Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ruutu Has A Lot Of Tikkanen In Him

It's going to be a fun year in Ottawa with Jarkko Ruutu in the lineup.

In this clip, Ruutu gets talking to a Montreal player on the bench during a TSN broadcast and they have to repeatedly kill Pierre McGuire's microphone during the ongoing play because the F-Bombs are flying left and right.

This doesn't hamper McGuire's enthusiasm for Ruutu though - McGuire ends the clip by saying "Actually Gord, I have to tell you he's a cerebral guy. He's a very, very smart guy."

I'm pretty sure Ruutu starts his monologue with the Montreal player by saying "Hey retard!".

How about a video of Ruutu knocking out former Senator Petr Schastlivy during a Russia-Finland matchup in 2007. Somehow, Schastlivy was the captain of that Russian squad.

Jarkko's "Finnish Sign-Language".

Ruutu crushing ex-Senator franchise defenseman Wade Redden.

I remember watching Esa Tikkanen in the eighties with the Oilers and later on when he was with the Rangers and the Capitals. Ruutu plays the game exactly the same way. Many will tell you that Tikkanen was an important part of those latter day Oilers teams. His four Stanley Cups and 5 Cup Final appearances attest to that.

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