Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Emery Tells All

Simply a must read article from Scott Burnside at ESPN on Ray Emery. In fact, it is by far the most informative piece of work on the subject by any journalist since Emery went through the hell that was his 2007-2008 season.

Virtually every question is answered and Ray is brutally honest at some points.

"Emery's reputation was as a man who hung out with a group on the fringe. Rockers, rappers, party people. He liked that crowd, and they liked having him around.

"I was running around here and there, girls and this and that. A lot of kind of bull---- around me," he said. ...

"I don't think that I was any different than a majority of other guys that have played or are playing who are my age as far as that goes. But I really put myself out there. I made it so all eyes were on me." ...

Former teammate Mike Commodore's seat was next to Emery's in the Sens' dressing room after the team acquired the defenseman from Carolina before the February trade deadline. He went out with Emery a couple of times and noticed how people watched him closely.

"He's tattooed up. Everybody knows who he is. He couldn't get away from it," Commodore said. "Everybody's eyes were all over him." ...

He said the stories about Emery are wildly exaggerated.

"Honestly, I like Ray," Commodore said. "Ray Emery's a good guy. And it went right around the room. I wasn't the only guy that liked him. He wasn't a distraction at all."


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