Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now We're Truly Bored

The folks over at Icethetics have pointed out a site where you can create and customize your own jerseys, ie - come up with some ridiculous Senators jerseys and email them to all your bored friends.

Just go to this page and click on the Online Customizer box on your right, and start making your very own ugly jerseys, such as these horrific (yet quite entertaining) examples posted on Icethetics.

There's a way to incorporate real logo's (someone describes how to do it in the Icethetics comment section of that post) but I'm much too afraid of my wife catching me doing something else completely useless on my day off, so I'll pass for now.

Regardless, no one can come up with anything uglier than that St. Louis jersey that was actually proposed and almost approved before Mike Keenan had to start choking team executives to bring them around to sanity.

The worst third jersey that made it onto a real NHL player's shoulders were the 95-96 Anaheim Mighty Ducks abominations which sported what the Icethetics guys call the worst logo in NHL history.

They also had the brilliant idea to use that "Mighty Duck" sporting every NHL team sweater, just to "freak you out". Hilarious stuff.

You can check out the Penguins, Flyers, Stars, etc. They haven't gotten around to the Senators yet, but you can bet that baby will be on my computer background for the rest of the season.

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