Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Senators Logo: Ranked 26 Out Of 30 - THN

In case anyone missed the Hockey News recent ranking of NHL Logo's, you can visit that link here.

Perhaps surprising to some (and not to others), the Senators are in the bottom 5 of the league wide rankings, just ahead of the Ducks, the Hurricanes, the Sabres and the Lightning.

That's a pretty vicious beatdown.

Personally, I'm not sure how the Avalanche, the Predators, the Thrashers or the Canucks ranked ahead of the Centurion but alas...

It's too bad the Ottawa organization doesn't understand what every fan already knows:

The original 2-D logo has always been the best and will always be the best.

You could put a cartoon pile of steaming dog shit on the front of an Ottawa jersey and people will still buy tickets and merchandise. So why the need to experiment with something that was already working?

The 3-D logo introduced back in the late 90's was cool for about two weeks, then it just became creepy. The new redesign is much better but it's still awkward looking and not befitting a franchise that once existed in the NHL's formative years ... and dominated.

For proof, just click here and visit the NHL's home page. The 30 team logo's lined up along the top border are miniaturized and the Senators logo is completely indecipherable. Why? Because it's way too complicated and not pleasingly shaped. Virtually every other team logo in that lineup conveys that simple idea that needs to be expressed: ... identity.

Ottawa's does not.

So why not stick with the classy and now historic 2-D logo?

That boat has probably sailed but you can still hope that Roy Mlakar takes note of these types of things.


Anonymous said...

it pisses me off that they dont use the 2d logo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the old 2D logo is horribly dated from a design standpoint. i would love to see that 'updated' 2D version that was floating around last year, before the current one, get used - same concept but much more technically solid than the original and the current one.

very few of NHL teams' logos could actually be considered good design - mostly the classic ones like boston, detroit, and montreal's which have held up for years and years

Josh said...

The one thing I do like about the newest logo is that along with it on the current uniforms, came the barber pole 'O'.

Other than that though? I have no use for it.