Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fisher Hurt … Again … And Other Sens Notes. Plus - A Hockey Writer Loses His Marbles In Hogtown

Fish Goes Down

The Ottawa Sun's Chris Stevenson has a story on Mike Fisher having problems with his groin going into training camp. So what else is new? This guy just has no luck when it comes to staying healthy and we all know how groin problems never really seem to go away(ie. Dominik Hasek). Look for this to be an issue all season long.

Rookie Card On The Way

The Ottawa Citizen's Allen Panzeri has a story on Brian Lee and the strides he’s made towards becoming a pro. The scary news is that the Sens only have two bonafide prospects on defense – Lee and Tomas Kudelka. Could this be a sign that the Sens will try to convert their most recent first rounder Jim O’Brien back into his original position as a defenseman?

First Chink In The Armor

The Sens lose the final game in the rookie tournament but Ilya Zubov gets another goal to lead the team with three. By the way, is it Ilya or Ilja? He’s listed both ways by various outlets.

Camp opens Thursday with physicals and then grinds to a halt on Friday with a golf tourney. The Sens hit the ice officially for the first time on Saturday.

The Long Wade

Wade Redden is back in town and told TSN he’s making no guarantees he’ll be a Sen come playoff time. But he also noted he holds no grudge against the team or Bryan Murray for trying to deal him to Edmonton back at the draft. Yet he’s also the guy who only a few weeks ago said that “there’s a lot going on in Ottawa”. Meaning – I’ll play a few months and see where the team is going before I decide on waiving my no trade clause. Redds is also engaged and building a house in B.C. Don’t be surprised to see him plying his trade on the West Coast either this year or next. It's unfortunate because I always saw Redden, Chris Phillips and Daniel Alfredsson as the "Three Amigos" of the team. They've been through the most with the Sens and it would have been satisfying to see them each play their 1000th game in the red and black.

Drinking The Blue Kool-Aid

Lance Hornsby of the Toronto Sun penned a bizarre article claiming the Maple Leafs are running out of time to win the Stanley Cup with their current roster. What!? To write such an article, one would have to make the assumption that the Leafs have been Cup contenders for some time now. Now that's what I call wearing blinders. Here's a reason the Leafs haven't been contenders for some time now.

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