Monday, September 10, 2007

Sens Rookie Camp Winds Down With Final Game Today

The Sens shutout the Penguins 3-0 to vault themselves into the "championship" game later on today at 6:30. If the pictures are any indication, the Kitchener faithful aren't too interested in this tournament except when the Leafs play. So far the two main Russian prospects Ilja Zubov and Alexander Nikulin have played really well, getting a couple of goals each during the tournament.

Zubov has a deal to play in Binghamton this season if he doesn't make the NHL but Nikulin will go back to Russia as per a deal he negotiated with ex-GM John Muckler. Murray doesn't seem too pleased with this as he told the Ottawa Citizen's Allen Panzeri:

"You'd like him to learn the language. I think that helps, kind of speeds up the process, being able to listen and learn," Murray said. "But that's the deal. For some reason we agreed to it, so we'll let him go."

Bryan Murray also said that Michael Barinka is being let go by the organization which leaves only Josh Hennessy as the only remaining player from the Martin Havlat trade. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun is now describing the Havlat trade as one of the worst in the franchise's history. But here's saying that Hennessy makes the team this season and turns a lot of heads.

Also of note is another story in the Sun by Garrioch quoting new coach John Paddock saying that Alfredsson will definitely not be starting the season on a line with Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley. He's also quoted as saying he had a chat with Wade Redden a few months ago and let it be known that a major effort was going to be required to get back in the good books. Maybe a change of defense partners is in order for Reds (Christoph Schubert?).

While the Pens and Florida Panthers rookies are wearing their new uniforms in the tournament, the Sens are still wearing their classic white ones with the now defunct logo. The Leafs are wearing their old ones too but that's understandable because they haven't even revealed their new sweaters yet.

The new Panthers uni's look pretty good out there in my opinion. At least we now have real hockey to talk about instead of the never ending new uniform saga that has kept this blog going through heat of the summer doldrums.

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