Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Soaked To The Bone

Randy Sportak really brings the hammer down on the new "sweaters", and not because of the way they look. Reports are starting to "flood" in from around the league about the new jersey's trapping all the sweat inside the uniform, resulting in soaked gloves, skates and undershirts. Players are pissed.

"My undershirt is just soaked," said forward Owen Nolan. "I find I'm changing them in between periods and a lot more frequently than before. I feel like I'm working out in a sauna."

"With the other ones, you had holes and got more of a breeze in there -- maybe that's why you got that drying out effect," said blueliner Cory Sarich. "These seem to heat you up more because there's not that two-way air flow.

"Besides, the jerseys don't feel much different than the old ones. I don't know if they've accomplished what they want. From talking to guys, I don't feel they're making a difference on the ice."

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