Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Local Fishwrap Sept. 19

(CP PHOTO/Dave Chidley)

Hugh Adami seems convinced that Wade Redden is on his way out of town, either during this season or definitely after. The Mike Fisher deal seems to have cemented Redden's fate with both Heatley and Spezza needing rich new contracts next summer. My only quibble is that teams rarely win the Stanley Cup without an experienced elite defenseman. Like him or not, Redden is as close to an experienced elite defenseman that the Sens have. Be careful what you wish for.

Allen Panzeri talks to Bryan Murray and get's his take on Fisher's signing as well as how he plans to get Heatley and Spezza signed. This is already becoming a distraction.

Wayne Scanlan does a piece on John Paddock and the coach's willingness to speak his mind. Paddock is even compared to the fiesty Tampa Bay coach John Tortorella. Already his public criticism of prospect Nick Foligno has paid dividends if last night's pre-season game was any indication. Bryan Murray was equally forthright in his comments to the media but he often disguised it in humour. Paddock is more like a sledgehammer. The man doesn't smile. This will be interesting to watch over the upcoming season.

Chris Stevenson adds another few column inches to the mounting Nick Foligno story. I don't think any rookie has had so much scrutiny in the capital since Alex Daigle. Seriously. The expectations for this kid are way out of whack, especially for a team that just went to the final and have only one forward spot open. Where did this come from?

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