Friday, September 14, 2007

Local Fishwrap Sept. 14

(photo: Errol McGihon, Ottawa Sun)

The Citizen does a sitdown with Jason Spezza that falls somewhat flat. Now that's hard to do considering Spezz is a very talkative guy.

Wayne Scanlan gets off a good line in a Day 1 training camp review.

"But what about the finalist jinx -- the letdown that seems to dog Cup finalists in the year after the long run?

What about the Cup "hangover?"

(Question: How can there be a hangover when the champagne was in the other dressing room, the one down the hall in Anaheim?)"

Again, the Citizen is being mighty stingy with Sens coverage so far. Two pint sized articles? Brutal. Is this Miami?

The Sun does a little better with articles on Redden, Heatley and a general overview of camp.

The Redden article also indicates that Paddock might not play Christoph Schubert on defense after all. Every one seemed to agree that's where he was headed but I always liked Schube better as a hard forechecking forward. He can absolutely paste people on the end boards when he gets the train engine going. He doesn't have that same impact on the back end.

P. S. Has anyone ever seen John Paddock smile yet? This is one serious dude.

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