Monday, September 24, 2007

Local Fishwrap Sept. 24

(Ian Barrett CP)

The big story of the day is the injuries that are piling up on the Senators as the season opener looms in the near future.

Ray Emery says he's not ready to play yet (with a surgically repaired wrist) but coach John Paddock and goalie coach Eli Wilson are hinting that it might just be a mental roadblock rather than a physical one. Paddock tells Ken Warren that:

"It's just about feeling comfortable facing shooters, not wanting to embarrass yourself that's as much to do with it as anything, I believe."

Now Wade Redden's back is hurting and he had to leave practice on Sunday to get it "stretched out". Mike Fisher is still out with a groin pull and no one knows when he can play again.

What's interesting with Emery's injury is that Martin Gerber is now getting almost all the pre-season minutes. So far he's played well and may be showing other teams that he's a good goalie to trade for. But what if Emery misses more time than he's supposed to? There are rampant rumours about the L.A. Kings being interested in Gerber after giving Dan Cloutier the long awaited boot down the AHL. In what may be the best opportunity to rid themselves of Gerber's contract, the Sens find themselves desperately in need of his services.

According to Ken Warrren, Jason Spezza has never been in better physical condition and is gunning for a big season with restricted free agency looming.

There's also a story about Kyle Wellwood of the Leafs and how his injury may be the result of some lackadaisical summer workouts. Wellwood is slated to be the number two centre and he comes to camp with a body chiseled out of marshmallows. Good job dude. Way to take your career seriously.

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