Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bleeding Green

It's crazy to think that there are a lot of hockey fans out there who weren't even around the last time the Hartford Whalers played a game. One of the leagues most lovable franchises, they picked up and moved to Carolina at the end of the 96-97 season after missing the playoffs five years in a row. (By the way, that's original Ottawa Senator Peter Sidorkiewicz pictured above who represented the Sens along with Brad Marsh in the 93 All-Star game)

Now someone has made a quirky little film about the remaining hardcore Whalers fans who get loaded at dimly lit arenas and cry in their beers when the "Brass Bonanza" is played during pick-up games. This documentary, called Bleeding Green, is made by and for Whalers fans and more information on it can be found here. Be sure to check out the Official Hartford Whalers Booster Club here as well.

Even though the Hurricanes managed to win the Stanley Cup in Carolina, many team records are still held by players who wore the classic green (and later blue) uniform.

Blaine Stoughton scored the most goals in a season in franchise history with 56 in 1980.

Hall of Famer Ronnie Francis racked up the most helpers in one season with 69 in 1990.

Mike Rogers (who?!) twice notched 105 points in a season (1980, 1981) which is a record that still remains today.

Torrie Robertson holds the penalty record with 358 minutes in 1986.

It goes on and on with players like Dave Babych, Geoff Sanderson and Sylvain Turgeon (another original Ottawa Senator) setting franchise marks while the team was still in Connecticut.

And don't forget that Gordie Howe ended his NHL career wearing the Whale along with a toupee wearing Bobby Hull.

I don't think there would be too many fans uncomfortable with a new Whalers team in Hartford. If I could, I'd be there opening night raising a beer to the glorious sounds of Brass Bonanza while wearing a green Kevin Dineen jersey.

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Adam said...

They are probably still cursing the name of Claude Lemieux in Hartford. Maybe they would have gone all the way in '86...