Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Chicago Blackhawks Are Back (Plus Sunday Vintage - Hawks Edition)

The shadow of tyrannical owner Bill Wirtz is gone. The team is much improved. The games are back on television and the building is starting to fill up.

The good times are finally back in Chicago. On Friday, the Hawks held a ceremony to honour the "repatriation" of Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita back into the fold and it was a great moment for all hockey fans. The NHL needs the Blackhawks to thrive again.

"At last, it was THEIR building, a hockey den dominated by their banners, their magnificent anthem, their heavy metal, their fans and their legends. The United Center once was known exclusively as the temple of You Know Who, but on a crackling Friday night in a city aching for warmth and change, the Blackhawks staged a hostile takeover that could last a while.

There was Bobby Hull, back from the darkness. There was Stanley Mikita, back from the cold. And there were the Hawks, the mighty Blackhawks, back where they belong in the bosom of Chicago sports on a memorable evening when an illustrious past was attached to a hopeful future....

Every seat was occupied in the big cavern. And every Hawks fan was standing, clapping, roaring, officially melding the 20th century with the 21st. ``In 1972, I left this wonderful city, thinking that I would never again be a part of this wonderful Blackhawk family,'' said Hull, his smile never wider and free of all bitterness. ``It just shows that you not only can have one kick at the cat, but if you hang around long enough, you'll get a second kick at it.''
Sunday Vintage

Let's kick things off with an old Log Cabin Syrup commercial featuring Bobby Hull and son. No one seems to know if it's Brett or Bobby Jr. but it's worth a look anyways.

Here's an old team production, "Here Come The Hawks..."

There was no louder building in the world than the old Chicago Stadium. This was just the national anthem. Imagine if the Hawks scored a goal. Unbelievable.
From 1991.

Here's a Stan Mikita montage courtesy of

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