Saturday, March 22, 2008

Neil In, Randy The Ghost Out

It's about time.

Randy Robitaille has been coasting with the Senators all season long, showing no physical commitment or emotion or doing anything to diminish his reputation as a wallflower.

Bryan Murray went out of his way to bring in Robitaille, a local boy, from Russia and Murray even gave him a chance to play on the first line with Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley.


The only thing rarer than a smile from Robitaille is a Luke Richardson goal. Perhaps those are some of the reasons he's played for 9 organizations in just over 10 NHL seasons.

The player replacing him couldn't be any more different. Chris Neil is a guy who has to keep his emotions in check. He may not have half the talent of Robitaille, but Neil is ten times the hockey player Robitaille is. Even though Robitaille was brought in by Murray, you can't help but notice that Robitaille still seems like he's playing for a John Paddock coached team. I guess he didn't get the memo.

The Ottawa Sun says that Neil will play with Mike Fisher and Cory Stillman.

That's a nice little Easter present for Ottawa Senators fans.


G said...

Thats what the team needs, less robitaille more neil. McGratton should be out on the 4th(energy)line and be an everyday player.

Jeremy Milks said...

Yo G,

completely agree, especially about McGrattan.

Thanks for coming around.