Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Winchester Skates, Redden Still Out

According to TSN, newly signed Jesse Winchester skated with the Ottawa Senators today at practice and might even get into Thursday's rematch against Buffalo.

Who would sit? Has to be Randy Robitaille who didn't do much last night after playing uncharacteristically physical against Montreal on Monday. The only snag is that Winchester is still recovering from a shoulder he injured in college.

Also of note, Wade Redden is now listed as having an "injured left knee" and the defense pairings stayed the same as last nights successful experiment which means that rookie Brian Lee will get another chance to play with Chris Phillips on Thursday.

Give Bryan Murray credit for pairing Lee with Phillips, who's as solid and reliable as they come. It means that Lee will get a lot of minutes for a guy with one game under his belt but he seems capable so far.

It would be one hell of a story if both Lee and Winchester stick around and play during the Senators playoff run.

From the looks of it, Winchester played centre between Chris Neil and Christoph Schubert at practice but they also have Chris Kelly pencilled in between Shean Donovan and Martin Lapointe.

Has Kelly magically healed ridiculously early or is TSN inaccurate?

We'll wait and see.


Don said...

McAmmond must be centering that line - not Kelly.

Don said...

And Winchester isn't available to play in the playoffs.

Adam said...

Why not, Don?

I suppose I could just call you, but it's more fun to see it on Black Aces...

Don said...

Because he wasn't signed before the deadline, Fathead.

Anonymous said...

Winchester is ineligible for the playoffs. Only Lee would be able to play.

Jeremy Milks said...

Guys, thanks for pointing out Winchester is unavailable for the playoffs. Just looked that up and of course you're right.

My bad.

Adam said...

Any prognosis on Kelly?