Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Vintage

Headshots are not a modern phenomena. Here's Mark Messier absolutely crushing Mike Modano sometime in the mid 90's to kick off what might become a regular feature - one day a week to feature all those old videos collecting dust on youtube. The craziest part of this video is the end when the ambulance guys actually drop Modano when he's tied down to the stretcher. An absolute classic.

Here's Steve Yzerman getting in to a scrap in the 80's that also features Bob Probert versus Tom Barrasso!

Here's the famous Steve Sullivan "karma" incident where he and a fan get into it pretty good.


Adam said...

Man, if Messier had thrown that hit today, he'd immediately have been in a fight.

It didn't even seem as if there was the suggestion of one of the Stars going after Messier in the aftermath. I guess the spirit of the game has changed more than I thought.

Jeremy Milks said...

Adam, I think it has more to do with the intimidation. No one was meaner than the Moose at that time and no one ever challenged him to fights once Joel Otto retired.

Plus, the way the play happened, I don't think anyone even saw it clearly. It was that fast.