Monday, March 24, 2008

Murray Sticks With Gerber

I can’t say that I agree with Bryan Murray about who should be starting in goal for the Ottawa Senators, but at least Murray is handling the situation in the right way.

Martin Gerber has now had two bad games out of three, and in my opinion really let down the team on Saturday night against the Maple Leafs. Yet Murray is starting Gerber tonight against the Montreal Canadiens.

It’s a little late to turn to Ray Emery who is probably as rusty as he’s ever been after sitting on the bench for 11 straight games. Murray has decided to stand by his decision let Gerber lead the team into the playoffs and a couple of bad games isn’t going to change his mind.

This was the tactic I thought should have been used when it came to Emery but the way it turned out, Gerber is getting the chance. By doing this, Murray is giving Gerber every opportunity to succeed and that’s the proper decision going into the playoffs. If Gerber can’t rise to the occasion in this scenario, he likely never will.

I still think that the Senators have chosen the wrong goalie but at least Murray made a firm decision and is sticking to it.

If anything, the Senators will now have a clear choice to make in the summer. There is no way in God's green hell that Gerber and Emery can co-exist on the team next year. If Gerber can't step up and win at least one playoff round, he'll be gone.

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Anonymous said...

Murray chose the right goalie. Even if you don't like him, his statistics are much better than Emery's. If you think Emery is going to be around next year give your head a shake.