Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Vintage

Let's start things off with a good old fashioned brawl here between the Detroit Red Wings and the Boston Bruins in 1991 which, for local Bytowners features Brad Marsh and Gary Galley (who gets run over pretty good). Vladimir Konstantinov could really throw them as well as hit.

How about Steve Yzerman getting cranked in the face by a Bruins fan?

Might as well continue the chaos theme. This is an all time classic between the Bruins and the Rangers in the late 70's. Terry O'Reilly is the first one over the glass into the stands but it's Mike Milbury beating a fan with his own shoe that makes the highlight reel. Probably one of the most memorable incidents in the history of the NHL.

And we'll finish it off with the biggest fight in Ottawa Senators history, an absolutely raging donnybrook against the Flyers from 2004 that was so long that it seems like it just finished yesterday.

Have a nice Sunday.

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