Friday, March 7, 2008

Walk Away From The Ledge

They haven’t won a game yet on their four game road trip out West, but the Ottawa Senators are on the right track.

No one should be standing on a bridge giving their last salutes to the world just because the results are not showing up yet.

Truth is, playing on the road out West in a radically different time zone is tough, especially at this time of the season when everyone is already hurting.

There are many things that the Senators can take out of these last 3 losses. For one Martin Gerber, whom I have shown no faith in, has played better than he has in a long time. Against Los Angeles last night, he was the Senators best player and deserves some credit for not allowing any weak goals when the pressure was on like he did against San Jose. I’m still not convinced he’s the right option for the Senators (and like I said, I’ll eat my laptop if he wins a playoff round) but he has picked up his game.

The Senators, until last night in L.A., (the second game of a back to back) have shown some feistiness and emotion and look like a team who will start winning games once the goals start coming.

Jason Spezza is looking more like his normal self, despite being snake bitten, and he and Dany Heatley will get their share of points down the stretch.

If anything, this team looks fatigued and perhaps a little emotionally drained after all that has gone on this season. Bryan Murray will find the time to rest this team in between games and that will go a long ways to bringing things under control.

The Senators will still make the playoffs, despite dire predictions by some in the media, like Steve Ludzik. Maybe it will be a blessing for these guys to start the post-season on the road and away from the pressure packed expectations that will await them in their home arena.

Just put down the guns, the blunt instruments and the sleeping pills. Tough times on the road are all part of a long season.

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