Thursday, April 10, 2008

Around The League ... CBC Screws Ottawa Fans Yet Again ... Sharks Trying Not To Choke ... Sidney's Doppelganger

For those of you who remain ultra-paranoid about the CBC having an anti-Senators bias, you may not be surprised to learn that the channel chose not to broadcast the game in High Definition last night.

Tomorrow night's game in Montreal is in HD however, as was last night's Calgary-San Jose game.

Apparently the CBC has only two HD "trucks" needed to broadcast the games for those who have the proper TV's and setup. They decided not to send one to Pittsburgh last night. On the other hand, TSN is broadcasting every game in HD.

William Houston of the Globe and Mail says that Ottawa's home games will be in HD but not the games in Pittsburgh.

Is anyone that surprised?

You think the Senators have faced some playoff pressure over the years? The San Jose Sharks are again being picked by a lot of pundits to go far but they're already off to a slow start against the underdog Calgary Flames. As George Johnson of the Calgary Herald notes, the Flames have put the seed of doubt in their minds.

"Well, that wasn't exactly a chicken-bone-in-the-throat ga-a-a-g you heard gurgling out of the Sharks -- Game 1 is too ridiculously early to begin predicting any sorts of trends in a series -- but they could be heard clearing their throats, loudly.

This franchise, as everyone is doubtless aware, has slipped on so many playoff banana peels you might believe they played their games in a Chiquita factory. In order to avoid a sordid regurgitation of the past bile, a victory, preferably of the comprehensive variety, was imperative Wednesday night."


It's almost too insane to believe, but Flyers goalie Martin Biron will play his first playoff game of his career tonight. And people were questioning Martin Gerber's experience?

Is it just me or does the Penguins Tyler Kennedy look like a homely little brother of Sidney Crosby?


Peter said...

As for CBC, they may not be giving us HD, but at least we got the dream team play-by-play team of Jim Hughson and Garry Galley. I was so happy to hear that!

arzee said...

I'll second that . . . anything over the geriatric duo.

G said...

ha, good call on kennedy, while watching the game i said he was like crosbys little brother who his parents made him take with him to play hockey, i also thought it wold be funny if Lee and kennedy got in a babyface brawl or slap fight and they did! CBC loves all the Canadian teams but Ottawa is their 7th favourite team just behind Pittsburgh. Oh and the HD thing i pvrd the game as I had to work and wondered about the quality just thought my rogers box was malfunctioning but no they just chose to send the spareparts production crew because who watches ottawa anywho, and in truth not as many people as the other canadian teams. I think the cbc has to shoulder the blame for this as they promote ottawa the least, talk in more glowing terms about their opposition and constantly reference any and all negative stats they can find about the sens during the game, nevermind the team is in the nations capitol, full of canadian talent and had a good 10 year run of success but whatever they will never be the leafs. Finally thank god HarryBob arent calling the series......O one last final thing 2 goals from Gary Roberts fer faqs sakes and on the first one he treated Wade Redden like a ten yearold sleeping over at the Neverland ranch, sheeeesh.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree because Tyler Kennedy's incredible ugliness puts him out of any plausible relation to Crosby (who looks remotely normal, though his playoff "beard" is pretty weak). I have no problem with Tyler, but I cannot lie about the glarign fact that he looks like the son of a monkey and a beagle.