Friday, April 4, 2008

Ottawa Now Spezza and Heatley's Team

In a hit that will be forever enshrined on next year's Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em DVD, ex-Ottawa 67, occasional drunk driver and assaulter of Ottawa taxi drivers, Mark Bell, absolutely incinerated Daniel Alfredsson last night in Toronto.

The hit was clean and completely legal on Bell’s part, despite the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch calling it an “elbow to the head”. Bell actually caught Alfie’s shoulder, who then smoked his melon off the ice on impact.

Bryan Murray sounded the alarm bells when he declared that both Mike Fisher and Alfredsson would be out for a significant period of time, including the first round of the playoffs which Ottawa can secure for themselves with a point against Boston tonight.
This is now, for better or worse, Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley's team. Both played great games last night and Heatley seemed to wake up out of a month long slumber and looked like an emotional leader on the ice and on the bench. I've never seen Heatley do so much talking to his teammates. At one point, Heatley and Antoine Vermette got into a super-heated discussion on the bench and Heatley was yapping at Leaf players all night long.

As for the injuries, it’s a mind-warping turn of events but it will be interesting to hear more news about them as soon as the uproar dies down. Maybe they are as bad as Murray says they are, or perhaps Murray was just reacting emotionally and exaggerated their status for effect.

As for the game itself, the Senators pulled out a convincing win over the Maple Leafs with Martin Gerber calm and collected in the nets after looking a little shaky to start the game. Cody Bass was like a rabid wolverine out there, looking more like Chris Neil circa 2003. Antoine Vermette continues to play well under Murray, getting his first hat trick and making all the ladies swoon in the process.

Time is short today so we’ll look in on the Senators after the big game against Boston tonight at the Palladi…. Errrr….. Corel…..Errrr….Scotiabank Place.

Brian McGrattan and Jesse Winchester will probably get a chance to play against a Bruins squad desperate for a victory.

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