Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Man, The Myth...

There has been no shortage of praise for Ottawa netminder Martin Gerber and at times he has deserved it, especially in a Game 2 loss where he stood on his head for most of the game.

But has Gerber really been as good as everyone is making him out to be?

Here are Martin Gerber's playoff stats so far this season.

Record: 0 Wins - 3 Losses

Goals Against Average: 4.00 (Ranked 16th out of 17 goalies in the playoffs)

Save Percentage: .905 (Ranked 14th out of 17 goalies in the playoffs)

Goals Against: 12 (Ranked 17th out of 17 goalies in the playoffs)

There is no doubt that he has been one of Ottawa's best players, but don't tell me that he has been great. The numbers don't lie.

Many fans will be clamoring for a return of Martin Gerber to the team next year but has he done anything to change his image as nothing but a mediocre netminder? Does the team really want to stake their season next year on his shoulders?

The answer to both questions is a resounding no to anyone who relies on logic as a guiding light.

People claim they love him because he "works hard". If that's the only recipe for success then how come a guy like Fred Braithwaite isn't a number one goalie in the NHL? You need top-level skill to be a top-level goalie and Gerber just doesn't have it. Giving up two series-clinching goals in two minutes to start the third period last night will be his legacy, fair or not.

This summer should be the time to reclaim and rehabilitate Ray Emery as the number one goalie going forward for this franchise. He is more skilled, younger and the franchise has developed him from day one.

In short, Ray Emery is a better option going forward for the team if it wants to keep building for the future.


BJW said...

Great post. I've been the saying same thing for months now to anyone who cares to listen.

Enough with the Emery-laden venom - let it go people.

Rather than this nonsense about buying out Emery in the off-season, I think they should do the opposite: buy out the Dark Lord, publicly annoint Emery as the #1 for 08-09 and - privately - tell him that it's a make-or-break year for him.

Does Emery deserve the nod? Maybe not. But I'll argue to the end of the earth that he is the better 'tender. And I have a feeling that Sens fans will be quick to get over their moral indignation once Emery regains his form.

inspired.stupidity said...

Emery should be bought out. For a $600K cap hit (I assume you know why), its the easiest move Murray (if he doesn't get fired), will have to make.

The numbers do lie. Of those 12 goals, I can only think of one that could be considered "soft". Emery is guilty of at least 1-2 softies per game his entire career, and more this season.

Emery will be bought out and it would take a foolish GM to take a shot at him.

Yes, he's young, and yes, it's a shame to see so much talent go to waste, but he's just got that demeanor about him that is so detrimental to a team. I've played with guys like that before, and they do bring the room down. He's like the guy in gym class that's too cool to really "try".

Emery is a goner, and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you inspired. Emery should be bought out. He never had any "save the team" saves. Gerber has had many of those. It's just that the team is so weak NO ONE can help them enough. Emery continues to be poison on that team. I wonder why Spezza was wearing a Blue Jays cap in the dressing room after game 2 in Pittsburgh?? And you think Gerber is the problem??????? Gerber rocks. He's a classy goaltender and I congratulate him for all he's done despite this embarassing team.

Ben said...

I have never been so convinced of Gerber's mediocrity.

Bottom line: He lets in more goals than any goaltender in the playoffs.

His defenders can't argue their way out of that hole.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Gerber does NOT let in more goals than every playoff goaltender. Secondly, the Sens are the WORST playoff team by far. They have next to NO goals for, they are in the penalty box most of the time, and there is NO defense. So you explain how any goaltender could possibly do anything with a team that is so weak. Every other playoff team is MUCH stronger in forwards and defense production. The fact the Sens have lost 3 games in a row is no reflection on the goaltender. The TEAM is doing NOTHING. Every other goaltender in the playoffs has a team in front of him. The Sens have become a joke. The fact that the GAA is so pathetic is a stament about the lack of defense. Until you wake up and acknowledge that this team has huge problems, and quit blaming goaltending, which people like you do year after year, this team is going nowhere but DOWN DOWN DOWN. Solve the real problems or get this team out of town. Too expensive for this garbage.