Wednesday, April 9, 2008


James Mirtle has an interesting post up about the starting goalies for the playoffs and their respective records.

Of all the number one goalies in this years playoffs, Martin Gerber has the second worst Goals Against Average at 3.48 (thankfully for Ottawa, the worst is Pittsburgh's Marc-Andre Fleury with a 3.77 GAA).

Gerber also has the worst save percentage of all goalies, with a meagre .854. Marc Andre Fleury is next on the list with a marginally better .880 percentage.

One of these goalies is going to step up and improve on those numbers. Which one will it be?


Jaredoflondon said...

Ty Conklin

Anonymous said...

Gerber has very little playoff experience, and most of it was when he was sick. Quite a few goaltenders in the plyaoffs this year have no playoff experience whatsoever. So what. They are used to stopping pucks. More to the point, this season Gerber's save percentage is .910, right up there. The goals against average tells you more about the lack of defence on the team, and even so it is 2.72 in a very weak sens team this year.