Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Frustration Mounts ... And A "Prison Night" Proposal

You can't get any points when you get shutout two games in a row and now the Senators are going to have to find a way to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday to ensure they still squeak into the playoffs.

Martin Gerber had another average game but you can't expect this guy to score as well. While he's not stealing games, he's not losing them outright either.

The power-play continues to sputter for the Senators but at least the team showed some tenacity and grit in the last half of the game and if that stays consistent, the Senators should get a win somewhere here.

Of course, not everyone was committed. Randy Robitaille in particular looked weak when he failed to keep a puck in on a power-play with just over ten minutes remaining and the Habs up 2-0. Robitaille simply bailed on the puck when he felt pressure behind him and a few plays later, the Habs had a 3-0 lead.

Another disturbing note is the abject failure of the Senators faithful to avoid getting consistently drowned out by a minority of vocal Montreal fans who simply walked into Ottawa's livingroom with their shoes on, took a leak on the carpet, drank all their booze and sang Na na na na Hey hey hey Goodbye to their hearts content.

Is there another arena in the league where the home team captain gets booed and the visiting goalie gets his name chanted over and over again?

There is no arena in professional sports, let alone the NHL, where this sort of idiocy takes place.

The Senators have had "Military Nights" where season ticket holders give up their tickets to the men and women in service. I propose a "Prison Night" where we empty out the Ottawa jails and stack the arena with the craziest, drunkest sociopaths available and see if those Habs and Leafs fans still find the nerve to take the joint over.

The most insane thought to consider is that the Senators could be virtually eliminated from the playoffs by the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday.

And we all know how the Senators have fared every time they've played a meaningful game against the Leafs.

Get the rye out. This could get ugly.

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