Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ping-Pong On Ice

According to Daren Dreger of TSN, Dan Craig, the man in charge of ice conditions around the NHL, wants an investigation into the pucks the league uses. He claims that pucks are "bouncing" more these days and that it's not the condition of the ice that's the problem.

"How many times have you heard a coach or player follow a loss with, "we just didn't get the bounces."

Equipment in hockey has changed over the years, sticks have evolved from wood to composite, so the NHL's ice guru wants a full investigation into how to make a better puck.

Maybe a puck that bounces less.

Craig also wonders if the existing puck has been altered over time, the chemistry somehow changed.

Inglasco, the NHL's manufacturer didn't immediately return calls. "


I've noticed that pucks seem to be more like ping-pong balls lately but I always thought it was the fault of the composite sticks. It seemed to me that players had sacrificed control in passing and shooting for sheer velocity that the composite provides. That's what we've been told by everyone but maybe Dan Craig has a point here.

Think of how many more goals could be scored if the players felt they had better control of the puck. Despite this, the NHL seemed to throw cold water on the idea.

They should reconsider.

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