Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Black Aces First Round Predictions

I'm not going to go into the reasons for my picks because the papers and blogs are saturated with that type of talk right now and there's no reason to pile on the over-analysis. For Ottawa fans who might take me to task for my Penguins prediction, fear not. I'm terrible at predicting anyways.

Montreal vs Boston

Black Aces Pick: Montreal in 6 games

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa

Black Aces Pick: Pittsburgh in 5 games

Washington vs Philadelphia

Black Aces Pick: Washington in 7 games

New Jersey vs New York Rangers

Black Aces Pick: New Jersey in 6 games

Detroit vs Nashville

Black Aces Pick: Detroit in 6 games

San Jose vs Calgary

Black Aces Pick: Calgary in 7 games

Minnesota vs Colorado

Black Aces Pick: Minnesota in 6 games

Anaheim vs Dallas

Black Aces Pick: Anaheim in 5 games

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