Monday, April 28, 2008

Hartley To Be Interviewed By Sens

According to Chris Stevenson of the Ottawa Sun, Bob Hartley (ex-Colorado, Atlanta) is being considered for an interview to replace Bryan Murray as head coach of the Senators.

Hartley has won a Stanley Cup with the Avalanche in 2001 and was head coach of the Hershey Bears when they were AHL champions in 1997 (see his career stats here).

Stevenson mentions that there have been rumours that Hartley and Dany Heatley weren't friendly during their stint together in Atlanta but Hartley fully denied this.

Interviewing Hartley makes sense on a couple of levels for Murray. The obvious reason is a Stanley Cup ring and the fact that he's available, but it's also relevant that Hartley is from the Ottawa area and Murray has made it a point of his administration to bring in local people.

Shean Donovan, Luke Richardson and Randy Robitaille were all local Ottawa players brought in by Murray and only Robitaille didn't work out as planned. Perhaps Murray is thinking in the same terms as Hartley.

If this is the case, then Pat Burns will get consideration as Stevenson notes in his article. Burns used to be a cop across the river in Hull, Quebec.

It's a tricky situation when you bring up coaches with past glory like Burns and Pat Quinn. To fans, these names are gold. They have a sense of trust in these names. But are these candidates still relevant in today's NHL?

Burns won a Stanley Cup as recently as 2003 with the Devils so that's an argument in his favour. But Quinn was receiving a lot of criticism during his final days with the Leafs for not being good with young players and not having a strong handle on today's modern coaching techniques.

Burns and Quinn are as old school as they come but can they be successful in 2009?

I'm quite skeptical about both of these coaches and in particular Quinn. Are Ottawa fans really ready to accept a guy like Quinn who kicked their favourite team all over the ice four times in the playoffs? Wouldn't that be the biggest sellout of all time?

Well, in a town that allows its captain to be booed on home ice, the notion of Pat Quinn coaching the Senators is not that far-fetched.

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