Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Around The League - Vicious Beatings and The Washington Resurgence

It looks like the already impressive Penguins are about to get a warrior back in time for the playoffs as Gary Roberts is aiming to play on Sunday after missing most of the season with a broken twig. That only adds more ammunition to a team that just might steamroll their first round opponent. Sidney Crosby is back to his usual self and Evgeni Malkin looks like Mario Lemieux out there on most nights. The key guy to watch will be Jarkko Ruutu. He's going to drive opponents insane (just ask Chris Simon).

Calgary is booming with workers descending from across the country to work on the Oil-Sands project (ie. the most pollution inducing project in Canada's history) but with that comes problems like massive gang violence and petty crime. Basically Calgary is turning into Canada's version of Detroit. The rivalry between Cowtown and Edmonton remains the same, and a young Edmonton fan found that out when he was beat to an unconscious pulp by four or five dudes in Flames sweaters. Welcome to Alberta.

How many of you think of Blue Jacket David Vyborny as a leader? I didn't until I read this column by Michael Arace who pens a nice tribute to an original Jacket who has reached the end of the line in Ohio.

People are completely freaking out in D.C. for the Capitals right now. They actually had a sellout last night and the bloggers, who until now have been given game passes from owner Ted Leonsis, got kicked out of their seats because some real media types showed up to eat Uncle Ted's buffet in the press box. For the best Capitals insight and good snapshot of last night's atmosphere in D.C. check out On Frozen Blog's take. It would be painful if this team fell short. It would only be good for the league to see Alex Ovechkin in the playoffs, as Mike Wise points out.

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Gustafsson said...

We weren't kicked out of the press box ... at least not yet. We were just relocated to the other side of the press box (two sections separated by the broadcast booths) which is more of the overflow section. We still had full access like everyone else.

We'll see what happens when/if the Caps make the playoffs.