Friday, January 4, 2008

The Compelling Story Of Cody Bass

Nestled in at the bottom of yet another Citizen article about the Ottawa Senators goalie controversy, is a very revealing and dare I say, touching piece about Senator rookie call-up Cody Bass. Ken Warren does a good job framing this story which should have been a feature piece in itself and not buried like it is here. Have a read.


From The Ottawa Citizen:

"After being recalled by the Senators from Binghamton on Dec. 15 and staying in Ottawa for seven games, (Cody Bass) didn't tell the team his mother, Debbie, had suffered a heart attack at home in Owen Sound, Ont.

Paddock only heard about it on Dec. 27, after Bass told dressing room neighbour Chris Kelly, who promptly relayed the message.

The Senators then hired a limo driver for the 18-hour round trip so Bass could visit his mother, who also has lung problems, in hospital. They recalled him on New Year's Eve.

"She didn't want me coming home," Bass said yesterday. "I thought me leaving would ruin all this for me, too, and she did, as well. Hey, always listen to your mother, right?"

Now that he's back, Bass can't say enough about the Senators.

"They told me to go home and support my family. My sister is older and she has got her own life, and I have my uncle up there, but he has got his business to run. It's pretty much just me. She's all I've got. My parents got divorced when I was really young. I don't talk to my old man. I don't have anything to do with my old man. It's just my mom."

Bass is so humble that he was still wearing a Binghamton Senators cap after practice yesterday. He was thinking about asking for an Ottawa Senators cap. "


The good news for Cody is that his mother is apparently doing a little better and the team opted to send down Nick Foligno to Bingo instead of Bass.