Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paddock And Carvel At Odds Over Coaching Tactics

Anyone who has been following the Ottawa Senators this year knows that head coach John Paddock has no problem throwing individual players under the bus to the media. If a reporter asks him to name names, Paddock sings like a canary. If this was the mafia, Paddock would be swimming with the fishes right now but instead he's coaching in the All Star game.

But is there a split in tactics going on between Paddock and well liked assistant coach Greg Carvel? Ken Warren of the Ottawa Citizen reports on Carvel's unwillingness to put the spotlight on any struggling players.

"I'm not going to name names, that's not fair to the guys," Carvel said yesterday while subbing for Paddock, who missed practice for personal reasons. "We need to deal with that behind closed doors."

Maybe this is just simply the good cop/bad cop routine. Players tend to confide more in the assistant coach than the head coach and maybe that's just part of Carvel's role in protecting his guys.

But it's interesting nonetheless that the first time (basically) all year that Carvel gets to hold his own press conference, he publicly disavows a tactic that his boss wholeheartedly practices.
Maybe Paddock will throw Carvel under the wheels the moment he gets back in front of a microphone. Now that would be entertaining.

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