Monday, January 21, 2008

Speculation About Jokinen Abounds

The latest hot rumour has it that Olli Jokinen and coach/GM Jacques Martin despise each other and that Jokinen is headed for another club at the deadline. Over at On Frozen Pond, Miami beat writer George Richards says that trade talks are a bit premature but he wouldn't be surprised either way.

"I don't think Olli and JM are best of friends, but then, I don't think JM has many 'best' friends inside this business. He has pals, buddies, but nothing serious. JM is a very close-guarded guy, very private. So too, in a way, is Olli. The only guys I know he's really friendly with over the years are Nate Horton and Roberto Luongo -- and I think his friendship with Louie really got going after he was traded away."

Over at Hockeybuzz, Eklund had this to say about the possibility of Jokinen being traded:

"The mood is probably better for a Jokinen trade then it ever has been in Florida. The rumours have swirled for years, but there are incredible behind the scenes stories I am hearing. One this morning, one last night...really make me wonder if the ownership may be forced to make this move. I have heard Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal are the first places to look, with Buffalo, Edmonton and Chicago all possibilities. One thing that is for certain, if OJ is available, a huge bidding war will ensue."

If I'm David Nonis out in Vancouver, I'm putting together a package to get this guy.

The question remains: Who would be a better deadline pickup for a contending team - Mats Sundin or Olli Jokinen?

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