Friday, January 4, 2008

NHL May Suspend DiPietro Over Pads

While watching portions of the Islanders - Panthers tilt last night on Centre Ice, it was pointed out that Rick DiPietro was late coming on to the ice for the second period because the NHL head office called and said that the new white pads he wore in the first period were illegal. He returned with his regular colored pads.

Peter Botte of the Daily News has the scoop but not much is known because the NHL head office had no comment.


"Usually before I get (new pads) they've already been sent to the league, so I guess it's my fault. But I was under the impression they were approved," said DiPietro, who had equipment manager Scott Boggs call NHL goalie equipment consultant Kay Whitmore after warmups to make sure he could wear the pads. "I thought we did the right thing. Once we found out after warmups, we called and let them know, and measured them and made sure they were legal.
"I'm not trying to sneak anything by anybody. We could've not said anything, but we called....Apparently they weren't satisfied with that."

DiPietro, who'd missed the previous three games with a sprained knee, could face an automatic two-game suspension, according to NHL rule 11.8, if he used pads that were not inspected and approved beforehand by the league. "


Let's hope this is just the start for the league in further cracking down on the ridiculous size of current goalie equipment.

How about starting with the catching glove. Why does it have to be so big, not only in the webbing department but on the wrist? Why does the wrist guard have to stick out from the arm by three or four inches. That portion is only protecting the net, not the goalie.

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