Friday, January 25, 2008

Malik Benched For Not Shaking Tom Renney's Hand!

Next to Richard Peddie mouthing along to Cliff Fletcher's words during this week's press conference, this Marek Malik story has to be the strangest one so far this year.

Apparently Malik did not play for the Rangers last night because after Tuesday night's win over Atlanta, Malik didn't accept a handshake from his coach Tom Renney.

"The Post has learned the embittered veteran Ranger defenseman refused Renney's handshake in the locker room after Tuesday night's 4-0 victory over the Thrashers and was scratched from last night's 2-1 shootout win over Atlanta for that reason.

Malik had stormed out of the arena in Edmonton on Jan. 5 after finding out he was a scratch, and has publicly indicated his bewilderment at intermittent lineup scratches.
Scott Gomez laid into Malik for refusing Renney's common congratulatory courtesy after a win in which Malik actually played one of his best games of the season. "

I'm not sure who's being more childish here, Malik or Renney. It's actually quite funny thinking about Renney tossing and turning in his bed all night unable to get over the snub.

If Malik is headed for the trading block, it might not be a bad idea for Ottawa GM Bryan Murray to give Glen Sather a call. Malik is the kind of big defenseman who can help bail out Martin Gerber and Ray Emery from the constant giveaways that the defense is prone to.

I'm not sure how the Ottawa fan base would respond to a "problem child" like Malik though. They are already trying to run Emery out on a rail for some of his supposed sins. In polite little Ottawa, not shaking a hand is akin to slapping a nun in the face.

You just don't do it.


Adam said...

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I consider a refused handshake to be one of the worst possible insults.

If you don't shake a proffered hand, it's almost like you don't respect the person as a man.

If I were Renney, I would have benched Malik too. Of course, I would have probably had a good "WTF?" moment during the incident itself...

I actually think Malik is a pretty good player, and would love seeing him come to Ottawa. Wonder what they'd want for him.

Jeremy Milks said...

Adam, I agree on the handshake thing. It's undoubtedly rude, but I find it funny that these "professionals" are dealing with these kinds of childish issues in the first place. Only dudes with enormous egos can get in these situations.

I'm pretty sure Malik could be had for a draft pick right about now. It's not like the Rangers have a strong bargaining position now that this story is leaked.

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