Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Osgood Gets Yanked And An Olsen Twin Gets Dumped.

Osgood has had two terrible games in a row now after having signed that contract extension. Coach Mike Babcock is not very pleased according to the Free Press.

While there's no real reason for Wings fans to have a psychotic freakout and go jump in the Detroit River, there could be cause for concern because everyone knows that Osgood was playing a little over his head. No one expected him to be this good and perhaps no one will be surprised when he starts playing like Chris Osgood again.

Wings fans should hope that the streaking Dominik Hasek doesn't tear that groin in half having to come in cold in the middle of games to clean up Osgood's mess like he did last night against Atlanta.

The Free Press is full of good stuff today:

Kevin Allen thinks that Detroit and Marian Hossa could be a good match at the trading deadline. He also mentions that Ottawa, Vancouver and Boston will be vying for the right-winger who threw down a natural hat-trick last night against the Wings. I'm thinking that Hossa would look best in a Canucks uni because if anyone needs another top forward, it's Alain Vigneault and his squad of stone carvers.

There's also a note on how Darren McCarty, trying to play his way back to the NHL, caused the first sellout in three years for the Flint Generals and that Sean Avery dumped one of those Olsen girls and is now dating a fashion designer. For one, I had no idea that Avery wasn't dating that 24 girl anymore. But, an Olsen twin?
Please, for the love of all that's good and decent, someone give those girls a hamburger. Or a one way ticket to a country where they don't make movies or television specials. I'm still recovering from the trauma of having to watch a television show called Full House where the mad scientists of the television industry paired the Olsens with Bob Saget. They should burn the master tapes of that abomination just for humanitarian reasons.

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