Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Angry Mob Of Face Painters....

If you say anything that's not deemed patriotic and proud concerning our World Junior Championship team here in Canada, you could literally be hanged from a telephone pole in the streets by an angry mob of face painters. That's why it's interesting to note that Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province has this to say about the gold medal win over Sweden:

From The Province:

"Finally, despite their many advantages, the Canadians celebrated their win over Sweden in the gold-medal game like they were the Spartans playing the Persians.

"This year there were so many critics and so many things we had go through as a team to overcome," said Brad Marchand.

Sorry, what critics and what obstacles? Did the chef over-cook the steaks before the semifinal game against the U.S.?

Look, we're aware hockey is what we do and the team should be congratulated for its effort. But, both the style of game and our sense of entitlement are getting a little old.

It was good for Hockey Canada and TSN that our juniors won.

It might have been better for the game if they had lost. "


Hey, I didn't say it. Talk to Ed.

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Adam said...

Wow, that's pretty ballsy on the part of Ed.

My guess is that it's tough to be a sportswriter when the same team keeps winning. It would make his job much easier if Canada would lose (just like after the first World Cup of Hockey and Nagano).

Still, I lose a bit of respect for the guy for hacking on the way the kids celebrated after winning.

Dude, they're 18 or 19 years old.

When I was that age, we'd lose our minds when our high school basketball team beat our cross-town rivals (still hate those A.Y. Jackson punks).