Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sens To Play Game on Rideau Canal?

According to David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail, the Senators are thinking about pitching the league for a game on the famed canal. But if you actually live in Ottawa, you know that the risks might be too much. For one, it's already January and the canal still isn't frozen enough to skate on. It's been like that for some years now and that's just too unpredictable.

The other option in Bytown would be Lansedown Park but the south side stands are now condemned and are about to be torn down. There's JetForm Park where the Triple A Ottawa Lynx baseball team used to play but the capacity is only around 10, 000.

How about a dream scenario?

The NHL plays an outdoor game in Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field. That would be the best option. At least those stadiums are a little more cozy than the gargantuan fields in Buffalo and Edmonton that the last two outdoor games were played on.

As for the games themselves, the one yesterday in Buffalo was high on atmosphere but the game itself was excruciating (much like the one in Edmonton a few years ago). It seemed like it took all day with the frequent stoppages and the players were clearly struggling under intense weather conditions. The shootout was the best part of the game and at least the NHL got to showcase a nice goal by Sidney Crosby.

If the league was hoping to convert fans to the game of hockey, the half-speed one on display yesterday was not the ideal example.

At least the uniforms were nice, especially the vintage Buffalo jerseys that everyone but Sabre ownership wishes they were wearing full-time.

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