Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dustin Penner Is Fat And Brutal - National Post

Somewhere, Brian Burke is laughing his ass off. The National Post does a story on how Dustin Penner is way overweight and struggling with the pressures of the rabid Edmonton market. Who could have predicted?

I thought Kevin Lowe's offer sheet steal of Penner this summer was, even though perfectly legal, destructive in the long run to the league as a whole. The dude is a sophomore making 4 and a half bills a year on potential alone and is now a juicy comparable to other players looking for similar contracts. Add in the debacle of Ryan Smyth leaving the team because K Lowe couldn't figure out if he wanted the teams heart and soul or not and it's easy to see that Edmonton is witnessing the rise of another "Mad" Mike Milbury.

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