Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why Does Everyone Hate Buffalo?

Not only are Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek in a major slump for the once mighty Sabres, but the city itself constantly has to take jabs from the Canadian press, in particular from Ottawa and Toronto dailies, about the city being boring and an "armpit".

Don Brennan from the Sun is the latest to jump on. This strikes me as just lazy journalism. What do Ottawa and Toronto, two cities I've lived in, have to crow so loudly about anyways? Toronto might be the most boring "big city" in the world and Ottawa is not exactly renowned for its night life, though it is a much more livable city than Toronto is.

I've never been to Buffalo, but I can conjecture that the city can't be so bad and boring that it deserves to be trashed by every sportswriter across the continent. Although they did give us the Goo Goo Dolls, the biggest bunch of preeners and poseurs ever seen outside of Nickelback.

They deserve a slap for that.

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