Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Maclean - The Dinosaur

Remember when CBC Hockey Night In Canada host Ron Maclean seemed like the urban and intelligent antidote to partner Don Cherry's small town bombast? Anyone who has been watching the iconic program since the new rules against obstruction came into play after the lockout, already knows that Maclean is, if not the biggest, then the most vociferous opponent of the new standards.

Finally, finally.... someone takes him to task for this ridiculous attitude.

William Houston of the Globe does a good job picking apart Macleans foolish and ill-conceived notions that the game was better when players were allowed to hook and hold. Does Maclean even remember the game circa 1999? It was unwatchable for everyone except the hardcore. Even Cherry seems to be more progressive nowadays.

"MacLean's argument was this: Because the 1987 tournament was the best ever (according to Kelley), and because players were allowed to hook and hold, hooking and holding should stay in the game.

"Everybody loved this hockey," MacLean told Colin Campbell, the NHL's senior vice-president and director of hockey operations.

Needless to say, MacLean has consistently applied wonky logic to arguments that range from silly to hardly plausible. For example, he says that, because goal scoring has not increased, zero tolerance hasn't worked. But changing the game was not about goal scoring. It was about improving the quality of play."

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