Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FSN West Experimental Game F-Bombs

Did anyone happen to catch the L.A./Anaheim tilt last night on FSN West (available on Center Ice)?

They decided to broadcast the game without play-by-play and using cameras that were stationed along the boards and behind the benches, to give you that "feel" of the game. It was not bad, except for the fact that they also decided to nix the replays.

Even fans at the game at least get to watch the replays on the jumbotrons hanging above centre ice. Us viewers at home instead got treated to a couple of schmaltzy hosts taking us into the press box and the kitchens to give us an "insider" view between plays. Frankly, I would have rather seen the replay of the Ryan Getzlaf goal because I missed it the first time getting a cold soda from the fridge. That's what replays are for. Instead the puck was dropped and nothing was said.

They also might want to rethink those microphones picking up the players yelling at each other. Let's just say the boys weren't stingy with the F-bombs.

So I guess it was just like being at the game, except the jumbotron was out of order.

What an "experience".

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