Friday, November 2, 2007

Time To Allow Kicking Motion

Here’s a question:

Why is kicking the puck in the net illegal anyways? For safety?

Here’s a proposal that may eliminate those extremely tiresome 5 minute goal reviews when a puck goes in off a skate:

Always allow goals that go in off a players skate regardless if there’s a kicking motion as long as the puck is on the ice. If a player kicks an airborne puck in the net, it’s disallowed. That will ensure that no one decides to drop kick a puck into the net endangering the goalie and the players around him with a flying skate. The game should be doing all it can to raise goal scoring and dismissing a goal just because it was kicked in seems regressive to me.

Players only kick a puck in the net by accident or out of desperation because their stick is tied up. The sheer difficulty of aiming and kicking a puck in the net with a skate will ensure that it’s only used as a last resort and won’t change the fabric of the game.

What do you think?

1 comment:

Cupster33 said...

No freaking way, kicking a goal in just isn't right IMO it's cheap and defeats the purpose of the sticks. Plus you would have teams designing kicking plays in front of the net might as well call it Hoccer (just a bad idea all the way around)