Friday, November 30, 2007

Gerber Gets The Start Saturday!?!? Emery and McGrattan Long Forgotten.

Martin Gerber melted down against the Nashville Predators on Thursday night, giving up 6 goals in total and let in at least one shot in the last five minutes of every period with the backbreaker being the Preds last goal just seconds after Daniel Alfredsson had heroically tied it up with a highlight reel effort.

You would think that Ray Emery would get the nod against the Rangers, especially with Rayzor showing some improvement every start. Nope.

Coach John Paddock is putting in Gerber. And if that's not a signal that Paddock doesn't care for Emery, I don't know what is.

Only in Ottawa can a goalie help his team to the Stanley Cup final one year, and not get a sniff the next, even when his successor falters badly.

But who knows. Maybe Gerber goes in and stones the Rangers. It doesn't seem to matter because it looks like Emery will be headed out of town in the future, either by his own trade request or by Bryan Murray bowing to his coach's preference. Stay tuned.


You gotta think that with Anton Volchenkov out for a month and Christoph Schubert back on the blueline that Brian McGrattan might get into the lineup?

With Paddock, who knows? Even if he does dress the popular teammate, he'll nail his ass to the bench.
It's funny that fans of the Senators were pining for two things all those years they lost to the Leafs in the playoffs: a goalie capable of winning when it mattered the most and some toughness to go along with it.
Well, the fans finally got them. But this year, they're both sitting on their asses collecting paychecks for doing nothing.
Welcome back to 2001 Sens fans.

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Senators Lost Cojones said...

Paddock is seriously starting to worry me. We were 15-2 and he's juggling the lines. Why?? To feel important? And now the boys are so tight, you can hear the tendons humming in the breeze.

Let's remember, this guy was driving the bus when the Jets moved to the desert...