Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sens First Team To Get New Sweaters

After withstanding the shit-storm of controversy about the negative effects of their new uniform system, Reebok has quietly begun to ship its more player friendly version and the Senators will wear theirs tonight against Atlanta.

The initial sweaters handed out this year didn't allow sweat to escape the jersey, resulting in soaked gloves and skates. It took Sidney Crosby, who is a spokesman for Reebok, to complain to the corporate masters for them to get off their wallets and fix the problem. Reebok claims that fans won't notice the difference but it says here that they already noticed at the cash register.

At the NHL's online clothing shop, the Senators authentic home jersey, featuring a large and intrusive Reebok logo, retails for $249.00. It still astounds me that people will pay companies money for the privilege of being a walking billboard.

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