Friday, November 2, 2007

Sweater-Gate Boils Over Big Time

All hell is breaking loose on the Reebok Edge front. As mentioned before, the individual Senators who requested them were the first team to receive the new "old" uniforms last night with the bead-away system taken away and replaced with the traditional mesh because players were complaining of water being trapped in the sweaters and dripping into their gloves and skates.

Now comes word that the entire Boston team has requested the change.

Then Edmonton Oilers president Cal Nichols complained to the media that the new Oilers jersey's are too "plain" and that the team will be changing their uniform design in 2009 -2010 when the league allows them to.

The great bloggers over at On Frozen Blog also tell us that Alexander Ovechkin has been going through two pairs of gloves a period! They also say that trainers are really concerned because wet gloves and skates means more infections for the players and some that could potentially be life-threatening.

This looks like a mind blowing crisis that only the NHL could concoct. As Frozen Blog already muses, imagine the next board meeting at Reebok where it's revealed that the company had to completely replace every sweater at their own cost and that the bead-away system is dead in the water. Heads will roll like a flotilla of barrels crashing over Niagara Falls.

Stay tuned folks. This could reach Nixonian levels.

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