Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gerber Great, But Don't Forget Emery

The buzz here in the capital city is growing with every victory the seemingly dominant Senators rack up against their weaker Eastern Conference brethren (Carolina excluded) and much of it centers on the almost unconscious play of the once maligned rebound disher Martin Gerber.

It's hard to formulate any sane argument for taking him out of the blue paint but there are other things to consider.

Short Memories

We all seem to forget how Ray Emery put this team on his back last year when things were going south quicker than Jerry Fallwell's soul went to hell. He also happened to take the team to the Stanley Cup final, a feat no other goalie in franchise history can claim. Almost every person involved in hockey will tell you that Emery is a better goalie in form and athleticism. He also has a mean competitive streak which has served other elite goalies well, including Patrick Roy, Dominik Hasek and Billy Smith.

While this hayride has been fun for every Senators fan, perhaps the team should be keeping an eye on the big prize down the road: the Stanley Cup.

Emery has already proven he can perform at an elite level in the playoffs. Gerber hasn't.

Everyone should be happy that Gerber finally turned his career around but the fans shouldn't jump to conclusions in the first week of November. Besides, when so many people mindlessly jump on a bandwagon, there's something to be said about being wary to jump on yourself.

Before the vocal majority get ready to run Emery out of town for the sin of being injured (in October!!!), they should remember who brought them to the dance in the first place.

It says here that Ray Emery should be given a few starts now to help him get back on track. Better now when they are miles ahead in the standings than waiting for Gerber to go cold when the standings tighten up a little.

In the long run, Emery is a much better goalie for this franchise for this season and the years ahead.

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