Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ottawa Fans and Media Sell-Out Ray Emery

Blogger Ben writes a post on the Sens Army blog that I wholeheartedly agree with.

"Why is everyone in Ottawa so short-sighted? If the Senators wanted to win in the regular season, they would re-sign Patrick Lalime! It takes a certain type of goaltender to win in the playoffs. Qualities such as intensity, determination, a little bit of insanity, and a certain amount of cockiness — Ray Emery possesses all of these...."

In total seriousness, it is a rare moment when you find anyone, either in the mainstream press or in the blogosphere, who is not openly cheering for the Sens to trade Ray Emery. This cheering is led by none other than Hockey Buzz blogger Kevin Lee, who sees a Ray Emery trade around every corner.

Only in Ottawa can a goalie help lead his team to the Stanley Cup final (with an injured wrist!) after bailing out not one (Martin Gerber), but two (Dominik Hasek) starting Ottawa goalies in as many years and still be the one everyone is pushing to see traded.

Martin Gerber has played well this season, but it is only November. The goal for the Ottawa Senators franchise is success this season and the seasons after. They have a young number one goalie under contract for years to come who is not only a top athlete but a character player with conviction and bravado out the yazoo.

It is astounding to me that Ottawa Senators fans aren't behind this guy all the way. It's the biggest sell-out since Wilco sold their songs to Volkswagon.

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